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10 July 2016

The team +Competició/Coral Transports, winner of the Open Superbike in the 24h Circuit de Catalunya trials

The weekend of 9 and 10 July we took part in the 24 hour Circuit de Catalunya trials with our new motorbike uniform. The event was a runaway success.

Our team took first place on the winners’ podium in the Superbike Open Category and fourth position in the overall classification which ended as follows:

  1. Yamalube Folch Endurance 733
  2. Suzuki Català 705 at 28 Laps
  3. LVM MOtors 700 at 33 laps
  4. + Competició / Coral Transports 699 at 34 laps
  5. Mithos Junior Team 695 at 38 laps

24 hours of speed and emotion with an excellent result, spurring us on to keep vibrating on wheels.