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14 June 2018

TSF Coral

The 30th March of 2018 Coral has obtained the authorisation for the exploitation of the logistic facilities for the Temporary Storage Facilities (TSF).

Thanks to the TSF management, Coral can now be a receiver of goods in transit from outside the European Union. From Coral's TSF, goods recieved in transit can be presented to customs for its clearance in free circulation or consumption or establish any other customs destination.
With the TSF, we can recieve both, Goods in transit from road transport as well as shipping containers for its deconsolidation and clearance.
The TSF also performs the functions of Authorised Locations of Goods for Export. In this case, TSF is the place where goods for customs with export destination can be presented . It is authorised by Customs to send Reception Certificates and make the consolidation and customs of this goods to a third country.